The Most Important Letter You’ll Read If You’re Thinking of Selling or Buying a Home This Year

Hi, I’m Karin Aguilar.

Thanks for visiting my site 🙂

Over the last 15 years I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners to sell their homes, most of them for more money and faster than expected. And I’ve helped hundreds of families to find and purchase beautiful, spacious homes. All without the usual stress, hassle and uncertainty that go along with buying or selling a home.

Although it may seem hard to believe, each situation has been unique.

Here’s why –

• The seller’s financial and emotional needs are tied not only to the sale, but also to the purchase of the next home.

• Housing inventory is limited and the best homes go fast.

• The person and agent on the other side of the transaction may act irrationally or unethically.

• More than 30 different people are involved in every transaction. Hundreds of pages of legally-binding documents are signed. Negotiations are hammered out. Multiple inspections are conducted, sometimes bearing bad news. A Grant Deed is recorded with the county to prove ownership. A Deed of Trust is recorded to protect the lender. And much, much more.

• All of this has to be managed and completed within the short deadlines established by the California Residential Purchase Agreement.

• A step in the wrong direction can cause the property to fall out of escrow, creating a chain reaction of problems for both buyer and seller. Or worse, either side could bring a lawsuit against the other, causing unnecessary stress, wasted time and expensive attorney fees.

• And if you’re a move-up seller, meaning that you’re selling your current home and using the proceeds to purchase your next home, then it gets tricky because you don’t want your buyer to back out – causing you to get stuck with two homes – and you don’t want your purchase escrow to fall out – causing you to be homeless, stuck living in a hotel or with relatives – and if you cancel on the buyer of your current home, it’s likely that you’ll be sued.

For those reasons, you might agree with me that each situation truly is unique.

Because of these ever-changing complexities, I’ve invested a lot of my time and money into learning how to do the best job possible for my clients.

I seek out the top experts in the legal, marketing and negotiation fields of my industry and attend a multitude of classes, workshops, trainings and certifications every year.

My “book smarts” have proven to be priceless, but nothing can replace the knowledge I’ve earned by rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty, closing hundreds of transactions for buyers and sellers.

What Is Necessary For A Successful Sale?

My experience has shown that your agent must be HIGHLY SKILLED in these 5 areas if you want a successful sale:

1. Understanding the importance of pricing your home correctly

2. Knowing how to price your home

3. Marketing your home for maximum and immediate exposure

4. Using the purchase contract to protect you, the seller, and avoid lawsuits

5. Using the purchase contract to smoothly transition you from one home to the next

And these same 5 areas are the focus of The Home Seller’s Kit I would like to offer you now, as my gift to you, if you’re thinking of selling a property.

The Home Seller’s Kit will show you in detail –

7 questions to ask when deciding whether or not to sell

What happens if you price your house too high or too low?

11 most common mistakes agents make when marketing homes for sale

How to plan the transition to your next home and avoid getting stuck with two homes, or worse, with no home at all

10 ways to make your house show like a model home, in one weekend, for less than $200

The advantages and disadvantages of getting a home inspection and termite inspection upfront

2 quick tips every seller should know before signing the listing contract

What to do when you get multiple offers

Keep reading and you’ll see the link to get a copy of The Home Seller’s Kit mailed to you for free, with no obligation and no pressure.

What Is Necessary For A Successful Home Purchase?

Time and time again, I’ve seen that it’s MANDATORY for your agent to be a master in these 5 areas if you want a successful home purchase:

1. Understanding the challenge of finding the best homes before others do

2. Working with the right loan officer

3. Strategically submitting offers that convince the seller to say “YES!”

4. Negotiating the best price and terms, based on the current market

5. Using the purchase contract to protect you, the buyer, and avoid lawsuits

And I’ve made these same 5 areas the focus of The Home Buyer’s Kit, which I’d also like to offer you, as my gift to you, if you’re thinking of buying.

Here’s what The Home Buyer’s Kit will show you in detail –

4 steps to stop renting

If you also have a home to sell: How to avoid getting stuck with two homes, or worse, with no home at all

How to beat other buyers to hot new listings …before the best homes are sold!

5 ways to find a home you’ll love

5 ways to save money and avoid getting ripped off …even if you don’t like to negotiate

4 ways to eliminate home buying stress

How to get an exceptional home loan experience

Should you pay cash or get financing?

The truth about buying a home if you do NOT have a down payment

5 ways to improve your credit so you can own your own home

4 ways to get your offer accepted …even in a competitive “seller’s market” with low inventory

How to protect yourself …and your money …once your offer is accepted

6 things you must know when buying new construction

Below is the link to request your free copy of The Home Seller’s Kit, The Home Buyer’s Kit, or both. With each Kit, I also include a USB drive that contains a lot of documents referenced in both reports.

The Kits and USB are free and there’s no obligation to meet or talk with me or one of my agents.

My sincere hope is that you find The Home Seller’s Kit, The Home Buyer’s Kit and USB valuable.

If you’re already working with a real estate agent, at the very least, reading the reports will give you and your agent plenty to talk about.

And if you’re not working with an agent yet, or you are not 100% confident in your agent’s abilities, I’d love to interview for the job! You can reach me at (714) 720-4451 or send a quick email to

Click here to get The Home Seller’s Kit.

Click here to get The Home Buyer’s Kit.

Click here to get both.

You’ll also get a USB that contains sample reports, documents and media that are helpful if you’re getting ready to buy or sell.

Talk soon,

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P.S. No matter which agent you eventually work with, get The Home Seller’s Kit or The Buyer’s Kit. Or get both if you’re planning to buy and sell.

Really. The Kits are that helpful.

They’re free and will help you keep a lot of money in your pocket, while avoiding unnecessary costs and frustration. I promise not to pressure or pester you in any way – that’s not how I work. Get your free copy.

Karin Aguilar

Karin Aguilar

Realtor, CalBRE 01319905

About Karin

Since 2001, Karin has been involved in more than 1,000 real estate transactions as a licensed Realtor, loan officer or investor.

She has been licensed as a Realtor since 2001 and previously held licenses as a Mortgage Loan Originator in 33 states and provinces, including Puerto Rico.

Karin has extensive experience with real estate contracts and is a skilled negotiator. Put her 15+ years of experience to work for you!

Ella también habla español.





Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Realtor, CalBRE 01958399

About Brian

Brian has held positions as vice president of a $1 billion mortgage bank and area manager of a $10 billion mortgage bank.

He was licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator in 47 states plus Washington DC and is currently licensed as a Broker Associate.

Prior to his 10 year mortgage career, he had a 15 year career in marketing & advertising and he’s a best-selling author with Forbes magazine editor Steve Forbes.

His unique experience gives you an advantage whether you are buying or selling a home.





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